Navigate Life Transitions helps people processing and managing the many shifts in life; from new family or work situations, life stages, and relationships.

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The practices and principles of yoga helps us move through life “off the mat.” The physical practice helps us stay strong and flexible in our mind as well as our body. The breathing techniques help us regulate our energy and keep us anchored in the present moment. Present moment awareness is empowering, and practicing yoga allows that to be more accessible. We notice our thoughts, and the emotions attached to those thoughts. The observant mind makes better, more appropriate decisions.

Every yoga practitioner needs a teacher or mentor. A mentor who is compassionate, wise and encouraging. A mentor will reflect your truth back to you, guide you clearly on your path, and hold you accountable as you move forward into the life experience that you want to create. Jen is here to walk with you on your path, to support you, and give you the effective tools that you need to find joy, peace and love in your life.


With daily practice the physical work will become second nature and the mind will gain the ability to focus, trust, and let go.